What Does It Feel Like to Be a Roll of Honour (ROH) Recipient? Jyoti Udyavar Tells Us.

HRZ_3042Thomas Cook has always rewarded and recognized  the hard work its staff does. Employee recognition is the acknowledgment of an employee’s efforts; his or her hard work and behavior at the workplace that has contributed to the organization’s success and objectives in some way. It is a process through which employers  make a conscious effort to reward and award employees. Acknowledging work not only encourages the person, but also motivates them to continue doing it with the same passion.  To be on the “Roll of Honour”  is very special. It means you have gone beyond the call of regular duty and walked that extra mile to make a difference. The employees are rewarded with a citation and a fully paid holiday to an exotic destination. 

When Jyoti Udyawar, Business Travel Specialist-UTI Implant, heard she was on that list, she was over the moon. We give below her own account of  the trip to exotic Bali.

“Being a top performer consistently, I have always wanted a 6 rating. To get that and to be nominated for ROH was like a dream come true. I was on cloud nine to hear of my selection.   My husband was also very proud and excited to be a part of this trip. I must say the organisers left no stone unturned in making the trip memorable for us.

HRZ_2891HRZ_2416The welcome, the drive down to the hotel in vintage cars, and each of the activities be it river rafting, spa, jet ski, the dinner venue arrangements all left us gasping with delight…. but still “Ye Dil Maange More”! And that ‘more’  never stopped. The awards night with the CEO handing out awards, where even family was called on stage, was the icing on the cake.

The Skygarden night club was what my husband liked the best! New goodies surprised us each day making our trip  even more enjoyable and memorable.  We are so grateful to Mona ma’am who went out of her way to make us feel comfortable.

I could go on for ever, but most of all I want to express my heartfelt thanks to Thomas Cook India for giving us a second honeymoon, a trip we will never forget!

I am already dreaming of my next ROH……didn’t I say ” Ye Dil Maange More “?