We Bowled Them Over! Luxe Asia Dominates Travel Trade Bowling Championship

 We are proud to tell you that both our teams —   Luxe Asia’s ‘A’ and ‘B’ teams — – retained the gold and silver positions at the 16th edition of the Travel Trade Sports Club Bowling Championships 2017.

Upon completion of the first round, the 24 top-scoring teams advanced to the semi-finals, then the following 12 top-scoring teams entered the final round: Walkers Tours ‘B’ (353), Aitken Spence Aviation (416), Travel Outlook (380), Exotic Holidays ‘A’ (340), Holiday Plan DMC (343), Aitken Spence Travels ‘A’ (399), Amaya Resorts (342), Luxe Asia ‘A’ (397), Eco Team ‘A’ (404), Luxe Asia ‘B’ (409), Aitken Spence Travels ‘B’ (337) and Mackinnons Travels (439).

Silver Winner: Luxe Asia ‘B’ 430 points. Team comprising of Rizwan Kuwaildeen (119), Kajenth Thanabalasingham (161) and Husham Hayas (150)
Gold Winner: Luxe Asia ‘A’ 446 points. Team comprising  of Chaminda Dias (131), Salman Haque (145) and Shefan Peter (170).

The special award for the highest scorer in the final round went to Shefan Peter (170) from Luxe Asia ‘A’.
Congratulations to both the teams and kudos to Shefan  for his outstanding  performance!