Want To Get Taken for a Ride? Ask SpinMonkeys!


Some colleagues from the Gurgaon office went on a ride with SpinMonkey, a new vendor for cycling tours in Delhi offering tours on brand new Kross bicycles (6 geared) along with apt safety gear and a highly professional team of cyclists cum local experts.

The young owners, Anchit Doegar and Nishita Sharma, chose the name SpinMonkey since Monkeys are known to spin around the jungle, jumping from one branch of a tree to another, just to get excitement from their otherwise boring existence. They say their cycling tours are based on the same principle and are equally exciting!

The first stop of the tour was at Shankar Market, off the Outer Circle at Connaught Place and ended at Dhobi Ghat followed by breakfast at Bengali Market.

Sounds like real fun. Want to get taken for a ride…anyone?