Virginia Says Her Team is Steadfast, Resilient and Forward-looking !

We asked some of our CEOs and MDs to tell us how they, and their teams, dealt with the long hiatus after Covid-19 hit us. How did they handle the vast changes that took place from March 2020 onwards — the work-from -home situation, the drop in the businesses? The pandemic hit us hard, but it also unlocked our strengths. Our executives across the world kept the organisation together, never failing to keep in touch with their teams, motivating them and taking care of the staff. Here is what Virginia Barnard, Managing Director, Private Safaris, Southern Africa, has to say:

Dear Private Safaris friends,

PRIVATE SAFARIS--SOUTH AFRICA--VIRGINIA BERNARDWhilst we may have been quieter than usual over the past 12 months, and as we have  interestingly watched ‘Season 2; 2020’ unfold into  2021, we wanted to reach out to you to let you know that we’ve been using our time to re-group, re-wire and to prepare for the inevitable road to recovery and beyond. A journey which we would love you to join.

This is not just annual preparation in anticipation for another season, and it goes without saying that we have developed a COVID friendly Private Safaris policy. We have taken it a step further and we are using our time to re-look at efficiencies, IT setups, training platforms and much more to ensure your future experience with Private Safaris is streamlined and seamless.  All in keeping with our core belief of being focused on creating the best experience for you, our client.


Like you, I’m sure we’ve participated in many (too many?!) virtual meetings and in times like these many of us opted to get inspired by learning a new skill. I for one have become the go-to person for the best Limoncello (in the Cape)!  Whether it is the best is a matter of taste, and I extend the offer to try some should you ever visit me and the team in Cape Town. On a separate note, I am quickly getting settled in my new chair of heading up the Southern African team. Another challenging journey in the current scenario, and something I am fully embracing and enjoying.

It has been a challenging time for the world and we, as a team, have been doing what we are good at – being steadfast, resilient and forward-looking and thinking. What have you been up to? Tell us how you have kept yourself and your team going?  We would love to hear from you and we’re ready to connect on a one on one level when you are ready to discuss ‘futures’, and we just have to say, we’re excited to have you as a part of ours.

–Virginia Barnard–
Managing Director,
Private Safaris
Southern Africa