The Next Big Thing in Selfies…? An XLfie… An XLellent innovation!

You are in the office. Or maybe in a cab on your way back home. You could also be at a music concert with lights blazing all around you. Or at a wedding surrounded by your relatives. Or all alone in your room. Whatever the scenario, there will arrive a moment when you extend your arm (the one with the phone), switch to the front camera, fix your hair, put on your best smile, and SNAP! Selfie taken!

Selfie-mania has gripped the world. One in every 3rd photo clicked is a selfie. So how does DEI take this phenomenon to the next level? Simple. By showing the Big picture. The Xtra Large picture with XLfie – DEI’s latest innovative offering to attractions.


This selfie capture will not just take a regular selfie but also includes the full spectrum of the surrounding scenery. A photograph is taken by a camera meters away. Guest images are captured standing on a ‘shooting spot’. The captured image takes the regular concept of a selfie and enlarges it to include the landscape around the guest.

The result? A selfie that can never be replicated by extending your arm. Unless you can extend it to 200 meters!

Click on the link below to see the XLfie demo. It takes a while to load, so hold on! Then click on the ‘video’ dot at the bottom.