Team Domestic Announces ‘Himalayan Week’ the Second Year Round


This is the second year that my team has announced the most important season to all sellers.
The ‘Himalayan Week’ is an exclusive initiative held in Gurgaon and Goregaon (Mumbai), organized by the Domestic Products team.

The event took place at 2 locations in an attempt to re-create the magic of the destinations that lie in the Himalayan ranges like Kashmir – Ladakh, Himachal, Uttaranchal (Chardam), North East-Seven Sisters, Kailash – Mansarovar, Bhutan and Nepal that were celebrated at the event.

It was held on 14th -15th March  in Goregaon, and 21st-22nd  March in Gurgaon.

To me, the Himalayan Week is a unique platform that sees a one-on-one interaction between the Products team and Sales agents. This year, we also brought in people from the FIT/GIT operations so that the interaction among all of them leads to better understanding.

Over the course of 2 days, everyone came together to explore the potential and promise of each destination.

Day 1 focused on Decorations seen at the venue/bay and day 2 on several activities such as a round of Quiz, Q & A ,and Mock presentation – PPT on destinations.

We gave away rewards like  (Flipkart) gift vouchers to the runners-up of the quiz.

All our Sales Agents present at the event were given achievable targets to complete in 40 days time.

The incentives for winners will be divided into 4 categories – 2N/3D for runner-up, 5N/6D for sales agent in 2nd position and a grand prize of 7N/8D for the number 1 spot.IMG_20170314_161517

Over and above this, an exclusive prize of 5N/6D in Bhutan has been kept for those who will go that extra mile and clock numbers over and above their intended targets.

People were upbeat and the event held at Goregaon,  Mumbai  saw some interesting facets like meeting the Ladakh supplier from Wisdom Tours.

I wish all the sales agents the very best!

Medha Wadke
Associate Vice President – Domestic