TCI Awarded PATA Gold Award 2022 – France Chapter


TCI was recently awarded the PATA Award 2022 – France Chapter, a “Special Recognition”, the “Coup de Coeur” prize for TCI Through Her Eyes programme; conceptualised with a focus on creating exclusive immersive experiences for women who love travelling to faraway lands with ensured safety.

The jury also recognized TCI’s global approach towards women empowerment; both, within the organisation and in the countries where it operates.

Through Her Eyes is women-only journeys for women explorers who want to escape alone, or with like-minded women, build bonds, and share the joys of discovering new cultures. Every destination covered by Through Her Eyes offers the perfect blend of adventure and rejuvenation to give you colourful memories to cherish for a lifetime. Through Her Eyes is a programme for women designed by women at TCI.

“We are delighted to have won. Everyone knows the brand value of PATA Awards and we are so proud to have received it. It is as a recognition of our commitment and contribution to the field of women empowerment. As India’s leading DMC, we at Travel Corporation India firmly believe in building strength through employee diversity; empowering the women within the organisation, many of whom occupy senior management positions and key roles. We attach great value here to open communications, women’s rights and building an inclusive environment,” said Dipak Deva, Managing Director, Travel Corporation of India.