SOTC Unveils its India Holiday Report 2019

Holiday-Report-2019SOTC Travel unveiled its 2019 India Holiday Report. The report revealed insights on the Evolution of the Indian Traveller across Four Generations. The findings of SOTC India Holiday Report 2019 were classified into three key categories: Holiday Preferences, Holiday Research  and  Booking & Holiday Finance.

The report reveals that travel has become an indispensable part of the Indian consumer’s lifestyle- across all age groups. Indians are displaying an increasing appetite for multiple short breaks/ escapes of 3-6 days. Indians are increasingly opting for cashless modes of holiday payment, and are value seekers: Attractive packages and offers being a key driver for approx. 50% across all age groups.

The SOTC Holiday Report also identifies 6 unique traveller archetypes- The Budget Friendly Traveller, The Convenience-seeker, The Family Memory Builder, The Explorer and The Mellow Vacationer & Senior Citizen.

The SOTC India Holiday Report 2019 was conducted online with over 1100 respondents belonging to four distinct age groups: 25 years and below, 26-35 years, 36-55 years and 56 years and above.