SOTC Travel Introduces “Holiday Essentials” A Retail Portfolio for Hassle-free Travel

Holiday essentialsIn our constant endeavor to enhance customer delight, SOTC Travel has introduced “Holiday Essentials” a one-stop solution for all travel retail needs.

Travel retail is an extremely dynamic channel that represents a tremendous untapped opportunity in the marketplace. SOTC observed the huge potential to penetrate this intrepid market, and created something new and exciting for travellers.  It’s prime objective is to make things really simple for our customers to find a one-stop solution for all their travel needs.

This merchandise website currently provides around 70 unique products across categories. It brings together a range of accessories that help to relieve the discomfort travellers often face when deciding what they need on a holiday.  It is a fantastic way to beat the travelling blues! The SOTC ‘Holiday Essentials’ line offers a wide array of products, from neck pillows to hand warmers, adaptors to backpacks. There are plenty of nifty gadgets too, such as compact portable luggage-weighing scales, padlocks and waterproof pouches. It includes SOTC’s private label under the brand name of “Holiday Essentials”, and comprises of a mix of international brands like Osprey, Nrit, Trekmates and award winning Indian brands like Tag8. Customers can also place orders at their nearest SOTC store.

With its recent launch, Holiday Essentials has crossed 1000+ sessions with few conversions.

SOTC will we keep enhancing this portfolio with newer products under our own private label “Holiday Essentials”.