Our Pandemic Christmas! A Wonderful Opportunity for the DAT Team to Bond


Desert Adventures is a truly diverse team of individuals, who at some point of time have represented most major countries from Japan to Canada. Most of us are far from home, and away from our families, for the majority of the year. Christmas was the one time, where almost half our team flew back home to spend the holidays with their loved ones. 2020 kept families away from each other even during Christmas, but in our case it brought the DAT team closer together. In the true spirit of the season, our team members, no matter  what their background or belief, came together to celebrate the occasion with a very special Secret Santa gift exchange. It was filled with hilarity and touching moments, as we exchanged thoughtful gifts with each other. We may not have been with our own families, but we were with our “DAT family”. As an upside, our team now has a new annual tradition for Christmas each year. Something to look forward to!





— Nishanth Rai–
Senior Marketing Executive
Desert Adventures
Tourism UAE