News and updates from Business Travel 2.0

 Well Done Team Bangalore!

Team Bangalore ­ Well DoneOur Bangalore Team came up trumps as one of the top 10 Agents for  2016 – 2017 by Singapore Airlines for Karnataka State. The Award ceremony was conducted at Surabaya – Indonesia. All the Top 10 Selling agents/ TMC from Karnataka and Tamil Nadu were invited to receive the honour. All credit goes to the Bangalore Team . The award is for performance across businesses -LT/Mice/CT, and it feels great to have our efforts recognized and acknowledged!

 The award ceremony included a 3 day trip to Surabaya.  Sushmitha Prabhu from the Bangalore team represented Thomas Cook and collected the award.


Launch of  the Thomas Cook Staff Travel App

  Mobile app-Your boss just called you to say you have to urgently travel on work this evening…
Oops! Have to arrange everything really fast!
What do you do?  How do you go about it? Do you feel hassled?

Relax… we have made it really simple for you. Download the App–“Travel Smooth”.
You can raise your STR very quickly and easily.  It is simple and convenient. Voila! You are all set and good to go!


Leaders in Action – Concur & Business Travel Strategic Workshop

Leaders in Action ­ Concur & Business Travel Strategic Workshop

Business travel has moved into a Strategic Partnership with concur as an expense management tool. The sales force and service delivery teams of both Business Travel and Concur had a detailed strategic workshop defining the targets, market scope and opportunities for both the teams.

The Project has been initiated to continue providing one stop solutions to the business traveller, to make travel easier for the client.

The Business Travel & JIO Movement

JIO Teaser 1“Building a lifetime partnership in Business & Life”.

Join the Jio Movement – BT2.0 as an initiative, is supporting JIO and driving the JIO movement across our corporates. Both the BT and JIO sales teams are working together to provide the best Travel & Communication Solutions to our customers.

JIO Kiosks were arranged at 7 Thomas Cook Offices to provide assistance and schemes on JioFi & IPhone8  for our employees.