Luxe Asia And Thomas Cook Lanka Organise A Fun Cricket Tournament

Champions— The Cultured Apes

Everybody loves a game of cricket , so a cricket tournament between Luxe Asia and Thomas Cook Lanka was greeted with much enthusiasm! The game was held on  31st October from 9.00 a.m onwards at the Colombo Malay Cricket Ground. Five teams played in the tournament, which included Super Seven, Mudra Riders, Luxe Asia Cricket Champions, Super Septet and The Cultured Apes. Staff from both offices joined in to cheer their respective teams. 

At the end of the day, The Cultured Apes emerged as champions, and the runners up were Super Seven!

The Man of the series title went to our very own Pradeep Ranga  and the best batsman title went to Venoth Lalanka of Thomas Cook Lanka!

Runners Up - Super Seven
Runners-Up Super Seven





Best Batsman   
Man of the Series
Team Luxe & Team TC Lanka!
Team Luxe & Team TC Lanka!       
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