Lockdown Stories: I Learnt How to Manage My Monies More Efficiently

Lockdown-Stories-PreetiDuring the lockdown I started reading a book called “Ping -A frog in search of a New Pond” written by Stuart Avery Gold. It talks about adapting to change and overcoming obstacles. Ping represents everybody who has encountered a setback, needs to take a risk, or is struggling with challenges. He is all of us. Ping’s tale inspires us to take risks and shows the limitless possibilities when we choose to take a leap of faith. It has left a lasting impression on my mind and it couldn’t have come at a better time as I was facing a tough situation on the personal front. In the middle of the lockdown, not only did I have to deal with numerous problems, but I also lost a loved one. I was stuck in a situation similar to Ping, and the only thing that helped me tide over these difficult times was my courage to take risks, and the leap of faith. In the process, I learnt to manage my monies more efficiently too!

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