Laurent’s November Update for Asian Trails

Dear Pulse readers,

Once again, it’s my pleasure to share key news from Asian Trails.

Since the last update was published in August, it’s been an exciting time in Asia and throughout our offices.

Recently we were honoured by TTG and Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) with several awards. I’m incredibly proud of our team, and of the pioneering work we do. Read more about our team’s achievements and the TAT awards here, and our TTG Best Travel Agency 2023 award here.

These recent awards came just as Asian Trails turned 24 years of age on 09 September, and serve as evidence that we’ve continued to improve our standards.

Our responsible actions also continue to grow, and we highlighted our Cambodia team’s community-based tourism (CBT) and corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects in a recent article you can read here.

When it comes to our product, as well as our new award-winning tours, we continually add new experiences to our portfolio. Here’s a small selection of the latest product news in our destinations from the last few months:

Discover more news on our destinations in these articles:

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Laurent Kuenzle
Chief Executive Officer, Asian Trails