Laurent’s Update for Asian Trails

Dear Pulse readers,

It’s my pleasure to share key news from Asian Trails for the first half of 2023 below.

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Asian Trails: Annual Sustainability Report 2022

Asian Trails’ Annual Sustainability Report is an executive summary of how we conduct business with a sense of responsibility in all of our destinations. Led by in-country sustainability coordinators who monitor and evaluate our daily operations, this latest edition focuses on implementation of our responsible tourism strategy across Asia and the development of new Sustainable Trails. Read more here 

Digital Trails: The journey starts here

Asian Trails is proud to unveil our new collection of travel experiences called Digital Trails. These innovative products give modern-day travellers more freedom and flexibility to design their own travels and create truly personalised experiences with the click of a button. Read more here

Asian Trails Indonesia: A sacred blessing

Caru Rsi Gana on Piodalan is a rare and important custom performed only once every couple of decades. The last time we performed this ceremony was 23 years ago when we established Asian Trails Indonesia. Read more here

Staff landmarks in Q1-2 of 2023

10yr Anniversary: Sin Samel, IT Manager at Asian Trails Cambodia (see on LinkedIn)

10yr Anniversary: Stanley Rozario, Head of Business Development Indian Subcontinent at Asian Trails Thailand (see on LinkedIn)

We look forward to blazing more exciting trails across Asia in the rest of 2023.
Greetings from all at Asian Trails!

Laurent Kuenzle
CEO – Asian Trails