GMC Meeting in Hong Kong to Discuss Updates and Progress Reports

GMC members from left to right: Amit Madan, Mahesh lyer, Mona Cheriyan, Rambhau Rudraji Kenkere, Maria Ng, Madhavan Menon, Vishal Suri , Debasis Nandy, Dipak Deva and Abraham Alapatt
GMC members from L to R: Amit Madan, Mahesh lyer, Mona Cheriyan, Rambhau Kenkare, Maria Ng, Madhavan Menon, Vishal Suri, Debasis Nandy, Dipak Deva and Abraham Alapatt

The Group Management Committee (GMC) Meeting was held in Hong Kong in February 2017 to dicuss updates and progress reports on group-wide strategic initiatives, business development in the regions, forward plans and future challenges.  Apart from the official meeting, the GMC had taken the opportunity to visit the operations in Hong Kong and mingle with the TCI HK colleagues here.

As part of the GMC Meeting, we were honored to have Professor Lee Kam-hon, Emeritus Professor of Marketing, School of Hotel and Tourism Management from the Chinese University of Hong Kong as the guest speaker. His presentations on the tourism business in China, with Q & A sessions to explore the tourism opportunities there, were very interactive and interesting.

As special gesture, we had prepared a special souvenir to welcome each of our guests to Hong Kong.  It was a traditional Chinese seal with each individual  GMC member’s name translated into Chinese,  along with the meaning,  presented as a personalized gift. The  Chinese seal is a kind of stationery used to authorize documents etc., and is regarded as part of Chinese culture.  It has been used for official and private purposes since the past 3,000 years.  The private seals are used in China to serve as a confirmation of signature or a sign to be verified.  Seals are often used by artists and collectors to mark their calligraphies, paintings and books.

Retail Shop Visits

On the first day of arrival, the GMC was taken on a visit to the retail shops of TCI Hong Kong at different locations.  Here, the members had the opportunity to learn more about the front-line sales process, and the premium customer service provided in our retail shops.  During the visit, the GMC also took the time to meet and chat with our front-line sales colleagues.

Here are some pictures captured at the retail shops visits…



Office Tour & Meetings in TCI HK

On the following day, the GMC Meeting was held at the head office of TCI HK with presentations by the respective GMC members with each one giving us an update and focusing on their areas.

Prior to the meeting, the GMC had toured around the office meeting and exchanging greetings with the TCI HK colleagues.

Here are a few moments captured that day…

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Following a whole day of presentations and meetings, the GMC relaxed and mingled with the Hong Kong Management Team at a cocktail party.  Through the Q &A session, the team  gained a better understanding from the GMC about the Group’s directions and initiatives.


Gathering and Sightseeing after Work

After work in the evening, the GMC and HK Management Team took a private cruise around the Victoria Harbour enjoying the spectacle of Hong Kong’s skyline at night from the heart of the city.    Later the cruise disembarked at the fishing village of Lei Yue Mun, a slice of old Hong Kong alive.  It is a good spot for seafood dining, and the group experienced quite an unusual ordering method – Fresh seafood was chosen from a tank in the market stall, which was then taken to one of the  restaurants nearby where the chefs prepared the cuisine for them!

GMC and the HK Management team on the private cruise
GMC and the HK Management team on the private cruise having a fun time.

Here are a few moments captured in the seafood market and restaurant at Lei  Yue Mun…

Img-128           Img-135              Img-130                Img-139                       Img-147                 Img-148                        Img-151