Credit Control Team: In full Control and Playing a Vital Role!


The 48-member Credit Control team, which is a part of the Business Travel Division, handles the AR (Accounts Receivables) Management (collections) of the company. Team members are deployed across India at various branches.

The team’s KRA includes submission of invoices as per agreed time lines, following up on payments, centralized charging of credit card transactions, handling industry best practices in BTA, centralized COD desk outstanding monitoring & collections, clearing of dues by the outstanding invoices with the payments collected, providing various reports, MIS & JN Tax statements of different periodicity, debt reconciliations with customers, attending reviews, and reverting to queries from both internal and external customers. Also under its purview are DSO Management, ensuring reduction of bad debts and reduction in +120 provisions, ensuring compliance &  integrity, playing a key role when implementing processes for new customers, providing customer debts status to the management, etc.

The Credit Control Team plays a vital role in the business as this team completes every business transaction by collecting the payment against every invoice raised for the different services provided by the company.

Team members not only collect dues but also safeguard the assets of the company which are in the name of Sundry Debtors by monitoring the same and updating their status to the Management on a regular basis.

The team’s many achievements include record high-volume collections, reaching lowest provisions and reaching lowest DSO in 2016 in different months.

Pramod Menon
Senior General Manager – Credit Control
Business Travel, SOTC Travel Services Pvt. Ltd.