Agra Office Delighted with Our Chairman’s visit!


When the Agra Office was informed that the Chairman & MD Madhavan Menon was to visit their little office , we were told  they “jumped for joy”!

The 10th of January was the memorable day and the staff eagerly awaited the boss.

“What could have been a better gift for the New Year for any Thomas Cook member than meeting the head of the family, Mr. Menon!” said Sunaina Gusain,  Agra FX manager,  happily voicing the excitement of all the staff. “He brought a  spark and a kind of positive energy with him.  He enlightened us by sharing the importance and scope of personal values, which we inherit from our families, and which we should try to incorporate at the workplace.

It was a wonderful treat for all of us which we all are going to cherish long in our lives!”