A Snap Is All It takes: Introducing DAT’s QR Code

Pulse_June 20182

 In keeping with the ever changing trends in technology, Desert Adventures has thought of an interesting idea.  It has enabled all its highly informative brochures to be easily and readily accessible to the global market, especially during events and exhibitions – whether in our home base of the UAE or overseas. We’ve come up with a QR Code card. We’ve even made it more convenient by integrating the QR Code into each every business card of all DAT staff.

What does this entail? It means that with just a simple click, our current and potential partners and clients, who we believe are mostly equipped with the latest smartphones, need only to take a snap of our QR Code, and they will immediately  be led into a landing page where they can find all our latest brochures.

QR codes aren’t something new. They have been around since 1994. How it is used in sales and marketing, however, has been evolving fast. It has become so popular that Apple decided to equip its iOS with direct QR-code reading capability. Just switch on your iPhone or iPad’s camera and point it on the code: Voila! No need for third-party apps. For Android devices though, a QR Code reading app is required. But then because this technology has been so popularly used, there are quite a lot of options ready for easy download via the Google Playstore.

So, to get to know more about us, a snap of our QR Code is all it takes! Just click and shoot!