From the MD

Greetings from the New World!

As I pen this message the Festive season has arrived and we have good reason to celebrate it because of the rebound that many companies in the Group have witnessed over several months. I am also happy to see  that despite the hardship as well as the disruption that we have faced over the last two years, employee morale and well-being has been very good. I would like to personally thank you for your support.

As we witness a rebound in our respective businesses and market, we are witnessing changes in the profile of our customers, the manner in which they want to interact with us, as well as the Customers’ ability to straddle channels in dealing with us. I would therefore stick my neck out, and say that many elements of the way our Customers deal with us will never be the same as pre-Covid. I make this point because at the beginning of Covid we decided to focus on “Customer Centricity”, where the focus was the customer rather then the products we sold. The principle was that the customer will choose how she/he wants to deal with us, and we should change our systems to reflect that. Covid only hastened this process, and I am glad to state that the bet we took in the middle of 2020 is beginning to pay off.

Another factor that I would like to highlight is the fact that despite all the professional and personal challenges that the pandemic threw up, the Organizations in the Group stood up to them through team work, camaraderie and empathy, all of which are reflective of the legacies that each Group Company has brought with it. This, to me, is the biggest lesson that I have learnt  from the pandemic.

Since my last message we have witnessed staff retiring from the Organization, within excess of thirty years of experience, and several more people would have retired before the end of this year. These include  K. Swaminathan, Gopal Krishna Sakpal, Sanjay Dhruga, Dayanand Kotian,  Seraj Anwar, Dilip Parab, Helen F. D Souza, Mala Vijay Salian, Ravindra Vitthal Gaikwad, Anil Kumar Ray and Eknath Sadashiv Belekar. 

. All of them are a part of our legacy and have made us proud  through their contributions over three decades.

I will use this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and hope you will celebrate it joy and anticipation.