From the MD

Hi All,

As I write this note, I can only say that I am surrounded by positive news! This after nearly seventeen months! The fact is that we now call Covid (whatever version) an Endemic, and not a Pandemic. The world is witnessing a race to vaccinate people with the Anti-Virus Vaccine, never witnessed before, and with every successive day the build-up of antibodies only grows.

The world has begun to open up. Some countries in Europe and the UAE have already opened, and other countries such as the USA and Thailand recently announced dates for opening, albeit with conditions. Lastly Domestic Tourism in all the continents seems  to have made a strong comeback especially in  the USA, Europe, India and China. I, personally, am cautiously optimistic that we can look forward to steps to return to normalcy in the coming days, weeks and months. Hopefully what we witnessed in 2020, and a part of 2021, will be consigned to the History Books! 

The Journey of the return to normalcy, and the ‘New Normal’ in the form of Consumer Behaviour as well as  the Governments being overly cautious in placing and withdrawing conditions, may surprise us but will not change the trajectory of our various businesses back to normalcy.

I look forward to all your support in ensuring our journey  will lead to growth, profitability and success in the coming months.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your patience, understanding and support for some of the measures we had taken over the last so many months. I also look forward to coming to each location, and meeting you personally.