What We Are, And What We Stand For


Thank you all for being part of our history, and of our future!

The CEO of Asian Trails, Laurent Kuenzle, gives us an inspiring insight into the company he founded and nurtured these 20 years, its values and the qualities that have led to the company’s success.  He expresses his appreciation and gratitude to all those who have been an integral part of this important milestone.

“We have created many wonderful tours and excursions, which many today call “experiences”, to the far-flung and hidden corners of Asia. This is borne out of our passion for travel, which is as strong today as it was 20 years ago. We love to discover, to explore, to find that little extra that makes a journey more than just a destination, that turns it into a rewarding and memorable trip.

We are all about people. Connecting with our friends at hotels, transport companies, boats, restaurants, as well as thousands of other suppliers, who have all made a real difference in what we have to offer our clients.

Our guides are an integral part of our operations, and as the ultimate “calling card” of Asian Trails they can make or break a journey. I can’t thank them enough for their enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism.

I still see myself as bridging people, as my love and understanding of Asia helps me in putting the right people together to achieve amazing results. It is not just about monetary returns – this must be a given, or we wouldn’t be here today – but it’s also about the trust, respect and understanding that my team and I have cultivated in our organization, with all who interact with Asian Trails.

Other qualities we hold high: Respect for people, culture, diversity, and nature. Trust that we will do what we say. We understand that everyone is different, and so are the travel needs.

Many Asian countries have developed their infrastructure at lightning speed with no sign of stopping. High-speed trains have become the common mode of transport, while railway stations resemble international airports, and eight-lane highways are now standard in connecting towns and cities.

All these developments have led to Asia being confronted with environmental and social issues today, as well as the problem of over- tourism that is happening in many parts of the world.

However, take a few steps back from the mainstream of life, and you will find a world waiting to be discovered. An Asia where history abounds, where lush green rice fields bathe in bright sunshine, where village life has remained unchanged, and where food is still cooked in the same traditional way for generations.

Even in the large Asian cities you will find a unique lifestyle just a couple of streets away from the main boulevards. It is these corners of Asia that we love to show our visitors.

The 20 years of Asian TraiIs showing the best of what Asia has to offer could not have been possible without the engagement, passion, and perseverance of our teams. Of the almost 700 staff, 10 % have been with us since the very beginning and more than 50% for over five years. My biggest and heartfelt thanks to all of you for making Asian Trails part of your life, for your tireless efforts and long hours in organising all the special moments that make the journey so memorable for our clients. I am very proud of you!

To all our tour operators, travel agents, travel advisors, OTAs and friends who have supported us for the past two decades, a very special thank you. You trusted us right from day one, you evolved with us through the years, you helped us become who we are today, you stayed with us through the good times as well as through the difficult days, and for all these I will be eternally grateful.

When I left Asian Trails for a one-year sabbatical in 2012 to embark on adventure travel and do some reflections, I knew then I wanted nothing more than to return to my company and my colleagues,  to be with the people I respect and cherish and to continue “Blazing New Paths in Travel.”  This is what I hope to do for many more years to come.

Thank you all for being part of our history and of our future.”

–Laurentz Kuenzle—CEO Asian Trails