What does SOTC mean to me?

What is it like to work in SOTC? What do the 70 years mean to you? How has the journey been?

We asked some of the staff who have  loyally served SOTC for several years, to tell us about their experiences with the company. Here we share with you some of the great feedback we got!

Madhavi SatishIt indeed gives me immense pride, fulfillment and pleasure when I look back to see where I began my humble career with one of the best organizations I have ever worked with, to where I have reached today.

While there were enormous work pressures especially chasing our targets against deadlines, and facing many ups and downs throughout the whole tenure, the journey was something exhilarating that kept me moving forward unabated, thanks to the patronage, guidance and learning that I got from various veterans of this company, and support from the SOTC family and our customers.  

I truly owe a lot to the organization that transformed me in a big way, in my career as well as in my personal life. I am always indebted to it for the way I was taken care of.

The work culture, ethics, openness, freedom to experiment novel ideas or methodologies, recognition for performance etc. helped me outpace my capabilities.  

I wish and hope I can continue to keep improving myself and benefit the organization in all positive ways.

Best Regards,
Madhavi Satish
Business Travel- Credit Control


Jayashree ImageThe journey with SOTC so far has been quite a roller-coaster ride with respect to learning, sharpening my skills and experimentation. Working in SOTC has not been just a job, but a pleasurable experience for me.  I always had a lot of opportunities in a very friendly environment, where I always enjoyed my work and got full satisfaction from it. The daily work pressures and challenges just seem to melt away with great mentors, colleagues and an excellent work culture.

SOTC has given me an opportunity to try my hand at different roles, I am very happy to be part of an organization which believes in fair business practices and ethical values. 

The various contests and initiatives boost morale, and make me realise that the company does care about its employees, as it also gives appreciation and rewards for the good work you do.

I feel good to be a part of such a wonderful organization and look forward to continued growth.

Thanks & Best Regards.
Jayashree Suvarna
Tour Operating- B2C Sales



Working here in SOTC I never realized how quickly 14 years have passed. This organization has ensured that I am always on my toes, completely engaged with new challenges and learnings. Our leaders have been truly inspirational and supportive through this entire journey, which enabled us to cross hurdles successfully. Heartfelt thanks to all my colleagues for their support.  My heartiest congratulations to SOTC on reaching the 70 year milestone. Wishing the company greater success in the coming years.  A happy picture with my team!

Suyesh Iyer
General Manager HR – Workforce Planning & HRBP – BT & HO


Shiv Oberoi-PicI Joined SOTC in the year 2003, and it’s been almost 16 years of my long association with the organization. The experience has been awesome and memorable. I’ve learned a ton about the Credit Control Process Management & Customer Relationship Management.  I was nominated in the category of Customer Services Excellence in the year 2009, and also nominated for the Achiever in the Category of Excellence in Credit Control in the year 2014. Additionally, I’ve met and connected with lots of highly talented and awesome people throughout my journey with SOTC, and am really proud of being associated with such a highly reputed Travel Management Company in this travel industry.

Shiv Oberoi
Senior Manager-Credit Control
Business Travel, SOTC Travel Limited.


Utpal Sil- picIt’s my privilege to be a part of SOTC, a globally renowned and acclaimed company. Really very happy that our company is completing 70 proud years, and I’m thankful to God that I have been associated with it for the last 35 years. I still remember the 1st  day of my job when I joined the F-12, Connaught Place office, and Mr. Sen Gupta who was my senior came to me and said, “Sil if you work hard then you can achieve anything in this organization,” and after 35 years I believe that he was correct. This is a special moment for all of us and I wish SOTC more successful years ahead.

Utpal Sil
Deputy Manager – Operations
Business Travel. 


Sheetal SrivastavaMy journey started in 2003 when I decided to work in a bigger company after 8 yrs of work in a small company. I had realized that I needed a bigger platform to learn and contribute. This was my resolution for 2003, and with this journey I have now completed 16 years with SOTC!

Never once has the thought of leaving or feeling unhappy ever crossed my mind. I have enjoyed dedicating myself to travel, and the needs of the corporates we service. SOTC has been a real home for me, and I have enjoyed the journey immensely so far.

Sheetal Shrivastava
Deputy Manager – Operations.


Anuj MehtaI joined SOTC in December 2015, as an executive, and it’s been 13 wonderful years of this association. I would like to thank the organization for constantly providing me with newer opportunities, which have not only helped me to excel in my professional career year upon year, it has also assured that I do not get monotonous in my work, and keep feeling motivated and charged about my responsibilities. My journey from an Executive to Head of Delhi Sales has been extremely satisfying and rewarding, especially the last 6 years which have been the years of change for SOTC. The transformation which our organization has gone through gave me the confidence that if I work towards the success and growth of our organization, my individual success will follow. It empowered me to work harder and remain absolutely focused on what our organization expects me to deliver.

The employee engagement and the sense of clarity about the growth path over the last few years has attributed a lot to my growth in the company. I firmly believe there are only a few travel companies  which promise such a level of opportunities and performance management culture to their people, which are a must for any organisation to have.

Today I feel proud to be a part of SOTC and the Thomas Cook Group. I hope my association with this organization will continue to be as great as it has been all these years.

Anuj Mehta
Deputy General Manager Sales – B2C, Delhi & NCR


Rishi Wadhwa (2)A decade with this company is an incredible journey, and during this period a lot has been learnt with the exposure to the trade and its people. Of course, lots of ups and downs have been experienced. The great part is identifying the caliber of the employees, and I feel proud that the company banked upon me, and the success I have achieved in my career is due to the guidance, opportunities and appreciation from the organization from time to time. The training, certificates, and the most prestigious award  — the Role of Honour — keep me going.

I really feel proud to be part of the company. Thank you for believing in me, I am looking forward to several more years of working with the organization and continue to play a role in making this company grow to the best potential it can achieve.

Rishi Wadhwa
Senior Manager – Operations


Carol HillierMy happy journey with SOTC goes way back to the year 1991. This was my first job just out of graduation. I started my travel career on the sales counter selling ‘World Famous’ group packages! Then moved on to handling Sales for GSA India, and then became Manager and Assistant to Mr Ranjit Malkani (owner of SOTC at that time).

Later, my second stint with SOTC in 2003,  was at the inception of the Customer Care cell. We introduced our very own in-house Call Centre with a 10 member team at Stanrose House in 2004.

I am proud of my colleagues handling Compliments, Comments and Complaints across the B2C business. The job requires tremendous patience handling irate customers day in and day out. However the gratification and motivation levels rise when, we convert an irate customer to a happy customer, and ensure he/she travels with us again!

The icing on the cake is receiving a compliment, or even just a ‘thank you’ from a few of our customers. This goes a long way in motivating us and keeping up the team morale.

In these 22 years, there have been challenging times. However our Company gives all of us the responsibility, opportunity and an enriching work environment to grow within the team and across divisions if required.

I wish to thank our management for all the support and guidance given to us. This journey has been and continues to be a fulfilling endeavor, and for us ‘the Sky is the limit’!

Carol Hillier
Head-Customer Care


Congratulations ! on this special occasion, and many wishes for more great days ahead. Wishing SOTC many years of success and innovations. Happy Anniversary !

One should, indeed, be passionate about one’s work, fully dedicated and really focused. I have truly grown in these 30 Years with my company, where we are one big family. My office and my work have always been my greatest priority.  I wish for nothing but the growth of our division! We have achieved tremendous growth, and have built eminent goodwill in the community. We have always tried to provide the best possible services to our customers. I further assure you that I shall continue to work to the best of my ability along with my superiors. 

Freddy Mistry
Manager – Operations
Incentive Travel, SOTC Travel Limited.


 My journey with SOTC started from December 2006. This was the 2nd time I joined the company. I had worked in the SOTC Calcutta Branch before this.

I have seen and learnt so much from this Company. I have made friends and some are now like family.

I have seen this organization grow and change for the better and with utmost modesty I feel I too have grown along with it.

Sharing some pictures with the team that I had since 2007 to date. So many moments of joy, it’s very difficult to put into a few words, but maybe these pictures will tell a story!

Satarupa Mukhopadhyay
Deputy General Manager Sales – USA & CANADA

Satrupa NRI Team (1)       Satrupa

Satrupa NRI Team (2)


Stuti Das I believe it really has to be something worthwhile for me to spend almost 40% of my life in SOTC! 

Even today, working with the company for 18 years, my spirit to work earnestly remains the same. The main reason to look forward to coming to the workplace is the “People”. I thrive, working in this friendly environment.

Having faced ups and downs, highs and lows at various phases of my life,  SOTC always stood strong like a wall and supported me.

SOTC not only provided a learning platform but also offered a growing career curve. I would like to thank everyone who helped me learn and grow on this journey.

I extend my heartiest congratulations for completing 70 glorious years of success and wish everyone at SOTC all the success for many more years to come.

Stuti Das
Head – Central Procurement Cell, Corporate Tours


MadhusudhanI congratulate the management and the entire team of SOTC on completing 70 successful years. I have been associated with SOTC for the past 30 years, and have seen many changes that have brought about its successful growth.

SOTC never compromises on business ethics, and every year they launch exciting new products to the utmost satisfaction of its customers. I really enjoy the work atmosphere here, where all my colleagues and my bosses are very supportive.

I’m really proud to be associated with the company, and I wish the organization much success, and many more awards in the future!

Thanks and regards
T. V. MadhuSudhan
Manager Finance


 It gives me immense pleasure to share my feelings of working with SOTC Travel Ltd. for the past 9 years. I began my second innings with the company in 2010 which was then HRG Sita.  Later on it changed to Kuoni Business Travel and now SOTC Travel Ltd.!

Over the years, I have seen many changes, its ups and downs, but as a Company I have to say it is an excellent organization, and one that is employee friendly.  SOTC has always been keen about employee safety/benefits, and the overall growth of each and every employee. I feel very proud to work with such a great organisation.

Lead Executive – Operations