“Welcome to a New Era of MICE in Arabia,” Says Sumaira

In the MICE industry there are few brands that have left a legacy as large as Gulf Dunes. Since 1995, the company has been creating some the most stunning events and experiences in the Middle East region. One of the key factors to our success has been our ability to evolve, and pioneer new ideas in the industry. We have gone through many evolutions, but our latest one is the biggest one yet – we have created a brand new look for Gulf Dunes, which represents much more than just a new visual identity. Our new look celebrates our legacy by keeping the familiar logo design, but now includes three distinctive colours that represent our service units. Under the leadership of our new General Manager, Sumaira Isaacs, we are growing each of these units by launching sub brands under the Gulf Dunes banner, and targeting markets that were previously unattainable. We are quickly growing towards becoming the largest MICE DMC in the region.

Do Check out our website – https://gulfdunes.com/    for more info on the re-brand.

Meet Sumaira Isaacs, Gulf Dunes’ new General Manager! A bonafide veteran of the MICE industry, whose reputation precedes her, Sumaira has over 25 years of experience creating and managing some of the world’s biggest event, conference, and tourism organizations. She is also one of the foremost thought leaders in the tourism industry, having played key advisory roles to tourism boards and governments. She most recently led the Global Tourism Forum, which became the largest international platform for addressing challenges and driving innovation in the tourism industry. To say she has a grand vision of what Gulf Dunes can be is an understatement. With her track record, there is very little doubt she will turn her vision into reality.  She has already begun growing Gulf Dunes into the largest MICE DMC in the region.

Hear what Sumaira has to say:   “It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you a brand-new vision of MICE services in Arabia. There has always been significant reverence for the Gulf Dunes brand within our industry, and the new look continues to celebrate its history as a significant contributor to the development of the MICE industry in UAE and Oman, while also highlighting its evolution. 

 In fact, the changes to the brand are more than just visual. Our CEO, Peter Payet, with whom I have previously built many successful MICE brands during our rich and storied careers, appointed me as General Manager in order to push Gulf Dunes to new heights. In this regard, we have already made significant additions to our capabilities, which are alluded to in our new logo. While we continue to remain one of the largest MICE-DMCs in the region, our expansion will propel us as leaders across all MICE-related activities, including professionally organized conferences.

We are truly excited about what we have in store and I highly recommend watching this space for more updates.”