We Salute Our Tour Managers —Trusty, Talented and Tireless

Tour Managers? That’s too simple a designation! They are also the ‘Chief-Cook-‘n’-bottle-washer, nanny, friend, philosopher and guide all rolled into one! In this digital age, where everything is done online, travellers just love the interaction with a human being, their face-to-face, go-to person for all complaints and advice, what-to-do and where-to go. They look upon this guide as the one who will make that dream trip become a reality.

The number of Indians travelling abroad is set to increase from 15 million annually to 50 million by 2020. There is increasing competition among travel companies to attain a big piece of that pie.

We all know that a Tour Manager can make or mar a company. They are the brand ambassadors, the face of the organization, and one of the most important cogs in the travel machine. A good, understanding, knowledgeable leader can bring the traveler back again and yet again, but a disappointing one can drive them away.

Dealing with demanding passengers, tackling unforeseen travel glitches, handling the finances, and catering to the overall wellbeing of every individual customer can be an arduous task, and often a difficult one. You need the patience of Job, the strength of Hercules, the skills of a linguist, not to mention also being the Wikipedia of travel knowledge!

We are happy to say our own Tour Managers are a stout mixture of all the above and a breed apart. We are so proud of them.

Today with the internet playing a crucial role in holiday experiences not just for travel happy customers who seek to post brag-worthy pictures on Instagram, but also tour operators with an ear out for reviews, posts and comments, ORM (Online Reputation Management) is playing an increasingly crucial role.

In order to encourage recognition of our Tour Managers through the World Wide Web, we reward and recognise our Champions each Quarter and Year with the “Tour Manager Champions’ award. This is done keeping in mind the dual aim of increasing the positive sentiment online as well as recognizing and celebrating the best of the best!

Our congratulations to Sheital Agarwal and Sachin Balhara, our Tour Managers,  who were rewarded with a trophy for their outstanding customer service and for receiving the highest number of positive social media mentions and recognition on platforms like Facebook & Mouthshut. They were felicitated during their annual training program held in Pune.

Sheital has received the highest number of positive mentions on Facebook & Mouthshut for May & June 2019. She has been consistent in her performance and an absolute power house! As a tour manager she embodies a perfect harmony of professionalism with a personal touch. You can check out the testimonials in the links below.


Abhishek Anand has received the second highest number of positive mentions on Facebook & Mouthshut for May & June 2019. A budding star, Abhishek took Social media by storm, keeping customers in absolute awe, and having them raving about his absolute professionalism and in-depth knowledge of the destinations.  Here are his reviews too!


We salute these torch bearers of the Company who help keep our organization on the top! Look out for more news of them in future issues.