Updates From Team BT2.0 — as Upbeat as Ever!

Be The Best Together

The Team with the best athletes doesn’t usually Win.
It’s the team with the athletes who play best together.  
    ~ Lisa Fernandez

Drinks, Food and Crazy Talk at Indiver’s Residence.

Work, work and still more work! Isn’t that stressful? Everyone should have some time off to unwind. Realising the need for this, Indiver Rastogi arranged a small get-together for his colleagues at his residence, inviting the North regional leaders . Our Chairman & MD  Madhavan Menon’s presence was an added bonus. That night it was not about work, it was about releasing all the work stress, and just having a gala time. It gave the team a chance to bond outside the office. Indiver ensured everyone felt at home and enjoyed themselves. There were various philosophical discussions over drinks about life in general, the  impact  of work on our lifestyles, and other similar topics! Dinner was relaxed and informal and everyone had a great time… as you can see from the pictures.

Business Travel Red Carpet Night – Chandigarh

Redcarpet 1

D Day had arrived. It was time for the curtains to roll up. The stage was set for the big night at Upstair Club. It was a night hosted by Corporate Travel along with Forex & Leisure Travel to celebrate their relationship with their customers. Red Fm – Radio Jockey  Anubhav was there to liven up the event. We had On Air – The Thomas Cook Travel Smooth Contest where the RJ talks about Thomas Cook’s fabulous offers for the summer season such as – up to Rs. 40,000 off on holiday packages and the Child-Travels-Free offer on select Asia packages. The Contest was rolled out across the 5 shows. Winners received a Thomas Cook Branded travel bag. Thomas Cook along with their Event partner – Air Canada were all excited and geared up for the big night. The night had everything  to make it grand and entertaining —  food, drinks, lights, music. Among the A-List guests that dazzled that evening, three lucky winners won a luxury gift. One of them walked home with an International Couple Return Ticket from Air Canada, the other won a Thomas Cook Leisure Travel Discount Voucher.

Working with a New Partner! Road-Shows at HCL Campuses  Across India

Corporate Travel won a new account – HCL. We were delighted to introduce Thomas Cook as its new travel partner and get acquainted. Consequently, Road-shows  were conducted for a week at various HCL campuses at Noida, Coimbatore, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. We not only had quizzes where employees were rewarded with gifts, but also selfie counters where  employees clicked photos using various travel related Hashtags. It was a week full of fun activities and mass engagement.  Thomas Cook has put its counters in HCL premises, so that their staff will have easy access for all their travel needs.

The Travel Excitement  Continues: Road Shows at Diageo too

Yet another feather in our cap. Corporate Travel again won another account – Diageo. It was time to get Diageo on board. It was time to make some noise and familiarize them with Thomas Cook as their new Travel partner.  Roadshows were conducted at Bangalore, Gurgaon, Mumbai and Calcutta. Quizzes were arranged and employees were rewarded with exciting gifts.

BT2.0 All Hands Meet – A Learning and fun-filled Experience

With the addition of TC travel in our BT2.0 Family, we shared the concept of All Hands Meet with the team leads. It was well accepted and implemented by them with lots of enthusiasm. So now we are having regular All Hands Meets not only in Corporate Travel but also TC Travel. Regional Managers welcomed all the participants and explained the agenda and the reason for having a monthly AHM.  The main intent is to connect with the teams where they talk about goals, targets or important updates, where they share wins and losses, and where they feel free to discuss innovative ideas. The regional head thanked all the employees for their participation. Here’s a glimpse of their amazing meet.

It’s a Potluck!

Working together helps in team bonding.  Eating together does the same… and so pleasurably!  Hence, a potluck was arranged for all employees of Mumbai and Gurgaon. Each of the Corporate Travel employees along with TC Travel brought one of their favorite delicacies made at home. Every dish had its own unique taste and  was finger-licking good, and the bonding was so enjoyable!

Women’s Day Celebration

Wome's Day 05

Today’s woman is no longer a dependent soul. She is independent and self-reliant in every aspect, and is capable of standing on her own feet . BT2.0 acknowledged and celebrated Women’s Day with some of our own most valuable customers. Our lady clients, and as well as all our own female employees, received a Women’s Day Card with a personalized hand written message, which made them  feel really special. Thomas Cook  India always respects and values its women folk.

We Acknowledge Earth Day

The planet does to you what you do to it. You get what you give and if you love Mother Nature, you will be blessed with her abundance  and glory.  To commemorate Earth Day, BT2.0 organized a contest for all employees across PAN India, where  they were asked to share a photo of themselves with nature. Out of all the pictures, the three best were selected and the winners received exciting prizes. Here they are!