Up, Up and Away! Soaring Soon – The Dubai Balloon at Atlantis

The Dubai Balloon

Dubai’s skyline will soon be crowned with a unique jewel… DEI is set to soar Middle’s East first tethered helium balloon in Atlantis Dubai. An exclusive contract with Atlantis Dubai has been signed for 3 years. It is the region’s most ‘Instagrammed’ hotel, with over 1.9 million guests in a year.

The Balloon is built by Aerophile, the world’s Tethered Balloon leader with rides at iconic destinations such as the Disney Springs, Angkor Vat’s temples and CocoCay. The balloon can rise up to 800 ft, providing a unique viewing gallery over the Palm Island. It is expected to lift 1 million passengers across the 3 years.

The balloon is all set for its flight in November 2021.