UBM IPM AWARD – We Are India’s Most Preferred Holiday Brand

IDSC01411MP  organised a nationwide quest for India’s most preferred travel and tourism brands, conferring on them the exclusive privilege to license the prestigious ÍMP logo for all their marketing engagements, such as online campaigns, hoardings, merchandising, press announcements, product packaging and advertising. A sophisticated coffee table book will also be created, profiling these much loved brands, their inspiring growth stories, how they have carved a niche and risen up the popularity index and their vision for the future.

The IMP initiative by UBM India stemmed from the proactive role it plays in connecting the community, and establishing superior standards within it. The survey was to find out the most preferred brands.

The survey was conducted in association with renowned research agencies. Undertaken in over 20 cities across India, the survey respondent profile comprises SEC A1 and A2 with an annual household income of INR 12 Lakh or more. The survey has based itself on factors such as brand recognition and recall, service quality, brand recommendation, customer loyalty and buying behaviours and consideration.

We are delighted that Thomas Cook India Ltd. was awarded the most preferred Holiday Brand, basis the customer feedback collected during the survey.  Moreover, Thomas Cook was voted the best Holiday partner amongst  all the major Travel and Tourism brands across India.