Travelling to Arabia? Here’s a Good Read!

As proud DMCs of the United Arab Emirates and Oman, we devote our time into making sure travellers of the world get the best of their adventures in the Great Arabia.

While we do all the bookings necessary, we also make it a point to give guests a glimpse of what to expect in our destinations in terms of cultural sensibilities, courtesies and travel etiquette.

Part of our adventure pack is our new Visitor’s Guide, one for the UAE and one for Oman. Here you will find an overview of the destination, general do’s and don’ts and a host of helpful travel tips. From common greetings in the local language, emergency numbers and currencies, up to power adapters and type of clothing one should bring, we’ve got it all covered.


                               PULSE_Oman _ A Visitor's Guide            PULSE_The UAE _ A Visitor's Guide