Training Held in Chakkan, Pune, to Gear Tour Managers for 2017

A three day training session was held in Chakkan, Pune, for our Tour Managers, to gear up for the upcoming season in 2017.  On 17th February,   we at Service Quality, got an opportunity to address an audience of more than 200 people including the Senior Management and the battalion of Tour Managers.IMG-20170522-WA0011

In 2015-2016, the tour managers were introduced to a new challenge — Project Mouth Shut.  The brand was experiencing a lot of negative sentiment and complaints about the services. This in turn was affecting the goodwill of the brand which on a social platform is open to viewers across the globe. In order to convert the negativity into a positive position, so that customers  would give a good feedback, we decided to enlist the help of our Tour Managers. Tour Managers are the face of Thomas Cook, and  can make or mar a trip for the traveller. They  play an integral role where they can  completely WOW our customers with exceptional Customer Service, and have the ability to create a rapport and a sense of trust.

The situation at Mouth Shut was absolutely grim with a star rating of 2.60, with 268 reviews most of which were negative. But within a year,thanks to  the hard work put in by the enthusiastic and ever ready Tour Managers we were able to  rise to a star rating of 3.84 with 866 reviews. The effort  is really commendable as Mouth Shut is a paid forum, and we at Thomas Cook did not have any subscription to the same. There was a rewards and recognition ceremony at the training session where Certificates were awarded to the Top 10 Tour Managers, and the 1st five were awarded  a trophy for their exceptional contribution towards generating positive sentiment for Thomas Cook India on a social platform.

IMG-20170522-WA0005So this year we at SQ initiated a new challenge which was Project Facebook where a presentation was made.  The teams were taken through the details of what we set out to do for the coming year, and how to go about achieving our goals. This project was presented by Nawazesh Irani – Senior Manager Service Quality & Prakash Thakur – Assistant Manager, Service Quality.

Project Facebook was very well received by the enthusiastic and energetic Tour Managers and judging from the past, we are confident that at the end of the year when we review the  results, they will be absolutely amazing.

Prakash Thakur
Assistant Manager – Service Quality