Train Adventures: Great Railroad Journeys Through Our Asia

Train image (AT Khao Lak Team)

Every carriage, track and whistle brings out a new railroad story in our Asia. There is little to compare in terms of romance, diversity and relaxation as you gaze out of the carriage window while the train huffs and puffs along scenic landscapes, and ancient historical sites that never fail to amaze and delight. 

Railroad journeys, which are popular worldwide, have literally not stood still. While authenticity remains an essential part of the journey, modernisation of this mode of transport, as well as vast improvement in speed, evident in high speed trains introduced in many countries, have made this form of travel and holiday more enjoyable and comfortable. Apart from the convenience, travelling on trains is also a great way to mingle with the local people, adding an ethnic flavour to the experience.

We at Asian Trails can design whichever way you want to discover our Asia on rails – we can do it the fast or the slow way; we can localise the itinerary, or offer options such as overnight on board for discerning travellers. Railroad journeys are one of the many ways we deliver new perspectives in our aim to blaze new trails in travel.