Thomas Cook Leisure Travel Annual Rewards

“Nothing can be more meaningful than the simple act of praising your coworkers. It makes a big difference in their happiness, and boosts their joy to work.”

Annual Awards

Indeed, it does, and Thomas Cook is always appreciative of the work done by it’s employees, which definitely motivates them, and enhances their performance.

The last two years of the Pandemic have been rather tough for our Travel Industry. It was in June 2021 post the 2nd wave that our sales Team got ” Back to Work” and were regularly calling up our customers and convincing them to travel as the world was slowly opening up .

Pin on success wisdomApart from our Domestic destinations that had picked up, international destinations like Egypt, Maldives and Dubai had opened up and were driving a lot of traffic.

They say “rewards are given to those who have worked hard to deserve one with an opportunity to work harder.” Our Leisure Team came up with the concept of Leisure Travel Rewards and Recognition which was a virtual event held over Microsoft Teams in the month of January 2022 This event was a mix of fun and entertainment which also had a number of team members across the country partcipating and presenting to all of us their skills in the field of singing, instrumental music, mimicry and stand-up comedy.

Our Rewards covered every single process that is used to make the perfect sale.

As Part of our Business we have the Short haul and Long haul product teams. After the amazing Products are made, it is upon our Sales team which consists of the Retail Team, CND (Catch and Dispatch team), Channel team, VAS (the Value added Services Team) and GCP (Gold Circle Partners). Each Sales member uses an internal Process to customize a package. This tool is called Astra which means “To the Stars through hardships”.

For 2021 our performers from the Product and Operations Team are:

  1. Domestic Business Partner – Yachna Mistry from Mumbai
  2. Short Haul Business Partner – Anuja Ramteke from Mumbai
  3. Long Haul Business Partner – Ashmi Motee from Mumbai
  4. Airline Business Partner – Ansari Tahoor from Mumbai
  5. Operations Business Partner – Anjali Poyekar from Mumbai

To make all the Products and Operations a success our winners from the Sales Team are:

  1. Astra Super Star – Naveen Shetty from Hubli for making maximum use of the Astra tool to send a quotation to a client.
  2. 2.CND Super Star – Gopal Agnihotri from Agra for making the maximum conversions across India over a telephonic conversation.
  3. Domestic Super Star – Arpit Jani from Ahmedabad for having the maximum Domestic conversions in 2021
  4. Short Haul Super Star – Suhail Ahmed from Bangalore for the maximum conversions in the Short Haul sector in 2021
  5. Long Haul Super Star – Sheela Alagan from Chennai for maximum conversion in the Long Haul sector.
  6. Channel Super Star – Sheela Alagan for being the TOP Channel Performer for the year 2021.
  7. VAS Super Star – Siddik A from Bangalore for being our TOP VAS performer.
  8. GCP Super Star – Somashekhar Thamma from our Guntur for being our TOP Gold Coin Partner in 2021.

Among all the above we have 4 Sales Super Stars:

  1. Sales super star 3rd Runner up: Sheela Alagan from Chennai
  2. Sales Super star 2nd Runner up: Suhail Ahmed from Bangalore
  3. Sales Super Star 1st Runner Up: Panduranga GM from Bangalore
  4. Our Sales Super Star for 2021 is Ganesh Kamath from Udupi

 Apart from working towards the end goal of the company, each sales member works in a way that the region that they come from would be the best

Our Regional Winners:

  1. Best Astra Region: EAST
  2. Best Domestic Region: Gujarat
  3. Best Short Haul Region: Karnataka

As they say Hard work always pays off. A chain is created when our Product, Sales and Operations teams work together.

— Inputs by Devaki Apte
Assistant Manager
Leisure Travel Outbound TCIL