Thomas Cook Group CEO’S Meeting — Nairobi

Kenya is a melting point of friendliness, beautiful and diverse cultures, breathtaking scenery that includes amazing landscapes, beautiful sandy beaches not to mention the quintessentially African wildlife encounters. But whether the decision to host the Thomas Cook Group CEO’s Meeting in Kenya with Private Safaris EA, the only leading DMC in East Africa, was inspired by these facts or was there simply a desperate desire to experience the kind of personalized service Private Safaris EA accords its clients, we don’t know, but we can only hope they certainly do.

It’s a fact that every child needs a toy to play but we can only imagine how the lucky cohort must have felt after being met by a destination so friendly, so caring and welcoming, that one would imagine it was their mother who just needed to get down on the floor and dance with them! That was evident on everyone’s face including  Madhavan Menon, Chairman Thomas Cook India, who himself  could no longer hide his joy which was overflowing and bubbling all around him!

In as much as we can all agree that jobs fill the pockets, whereas an adventure fills the soul, this group was no exception to this rule as it set out to work while on the go. Only this time, the work schedule would incorporate sometime set aside for work and the other time spent on sampling some of the most beautiful properties and conservancies in Kenya. For instance, Alexander Spiro, CEO Private Safaris EA was to present future plans, and a turn-around strategy for the DMC for the year 2019, and  for the years to come, all of which must be aligned with the DMC’s vision/mission statement. Its commitment is to deliver;

  • The finest travel experiences, which exceed the customer’s expectations
  • The most fulfilling work environment for its professional staff
  • The best investment for its shareholders
  • A rewarding experience for its business partners

CEOs from other Business entities in the Thomas Cook Group followed  suit.

In another incident away from work, the cohort would take it to the bush for a timeless wildlife photo session while on a game drive, or be spot feeding some rhinos in Sweetwaters Tented Camp in Nanyuki or even enjoying a magical sun-downer at sunset all courtesy of Private Safaris EA!

All said and done, the meeting in Kenya was exciting, full of energy, fruitful, and true to form, Private Safaris EA, looks forward to hosting the group again in the near future, and hopefully, it will be for more days next time!

It’s the DMC’s hope that they enjoyed Kenya’s hospitality–the best there is in East Africa.