Things You did Not Know About SOTC! Check Them Out!

Some of you may have been with SOTC for a long time… but we are sure there are still things you did not know about the company! We give you a few interesting  facts about the organisation you belong to!

Here goes:

  • In Switzerland, the town of Engelberg was renamed SOTC Indian Village in 1999.
  • SOTC is the only Indian tour operator to be awarded the prestigious Friends of Thailand Award in 2000.
  • In 2003, a customer travelling with an SOTC Brahman Mandal tour to Europe came back to India and wrote a book titled ‘Parikrama of Western Europe’. The book is an account of his journey – from the decision-making stage to homecoming – and talks of his experience as an SOTC customer!
  • Pioneers in introducing the Holiday Now Pay Later facility.
  • Pioneered in designing and marketing of escorted tours to cosmopolitan travellers in India.
  • Introduced the concept of Box Holidays.
  • SOTC was the first travel group to create a tour around the Seven New Wonders of the World.
  • Pioneers in creating the concept of a Holiday Bazaar.
  • Cost Saver Tours were first introduced by SOTC.
  • SOTC Travel is the pioneer in Indian travel space to enter the integrated spiritual + leisure segment with the introduction of Spiritual Tours named Darshans.
  • Launched easy financing options for customers such as Holidays on EMI, Holiday Investment Plan, tie-ups with banks for cash back options.
  • Pioneers in introducing regional tours ‘Darshanam’ for the South India Market.
  • Pioneers to introduce SOTC The Enchanted Journey with YRF films that gave the travellers a real-life experience of the magnificent spectacle they had seen unfurl only on the screen.