The Virtual HR for all Sterling Employees – she is JOY!

September 2022 saw the introduction of Sterling Holidays’ most awaited employee! An initiative by the HR team, JOY – the virtual HR chatbot came on board to help employees across the organisation identify and feel like an active part of the company. With the help of artificial intelligence, JOY can start conversations with employees and build upon these conversations to ascertain the employee’s moods/ thoughts/ opinions. JOY also ensures uniformity in communication in interactions and delivery of key messages to all employees.

JOY can communicate in 11 languages and through multiple channels, so she is accessible to everyone, even at the grassroot level! More importantly, anyone communicating with her can be completely anonymous allowing employees to be themselves truly and share their honest opinions without fear! JOY regularly reaches out to employees to check in on them to take periodic feedback. JOY was welcomed into the organization with great warmth – 1254 messages within 2 weeks of launch and 84% participation in a months’ time!

Certainly something to be joy-ful about!