The Tea and Herb Tour — Luxe Asia’s Delightful Offering to its Customers.


Always looking for new ways to give our customers interesting experiences, we devised a way for them to savour and enjoy Sri Lanka’s most popular and world renowned commodity — Tea!

This is the way we do it…Take a short drive from Colombo, to a garden of green in the heart of a family-owned tea workshop that harvests luxury flavors.  Get an insider’s view into the beginning of the tea process from gathering and grading to refining. A guided tasting session where you will learn the subtleties between the finest breeds of Ceylon tea, and a blind tea test to make your new repute as a tea connoisseur!

Discover the exotic secrets of tea and herb mixing, create your own personal blend and keep it. Find yourself seated in the shade of a sacred Bo tree to delight in one of the highest indulgences of the tea culture with eats and treats to compliment exquisite teas. Take home a premium range of handpicked, factory fresh luxury teas—the perfect gift!
Needless to add, our customers were delighted with the activity, responding with great interest and enthusiasm. They returned from the tea gardens not only with packages of tea, but the memory of a sensory experience in beautiful surroundings.