The Man on the Spot -Assisting Customers for a Hassle-free Visa Service

 We all know how complicated and traumatic obtaining a Visa can be, and most often, customers rely on their preferred travel agency to help them out with the formalities.  Visa services include operations, information and financial solutions for an end-to-end process, depending on the specific country requirement.  How good are we at guiding and advising them?

Always wanting to give that extra edge of service which will facilitate the travel experience for our clients, Thomas Cook conceived a training program called MOS – Man on Spot, and a training module was created by the L&D team.  This training was designed for the runner / submission boys who assist our clients at VFS/EMBASY/Consulate at the time of submission.

Due to biometrics requirements or mandate interview, clients are required to be present at VFS or Embassy / Consulate for personal submission.  Many times clients are not well versed with the procedures at such locations, more so during  the peak season when there are other travel agencies and groups also coming for submission and situations can be very chaotic.  Hence its important Thomas Cook clients are guided well on this and taken care of.

To assist the client and give them the best service –the training program was held across our Mumbai, Gurugram, Bengaluru and Kolkata offices.  It covered topics including grooming, business etiquette, customer-centricity and problem solving among others. This was further enhanced through classroom based learning using role plays and learning activities simulating real life situations.

The teams took back significant knowledge, and we congratulate the L&D team on this thoughtful initiative! Drawing from its expertise and knowledge within the visa services domain, TCVSIL has catered to its corporate clients, walk in clients, package tour clients to ensure a very smooth visa process experience.



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