The Industry’s Favourite  Superhero Does Super work, and She is Part of Our Family! Meet Mithuna Nair


Mithuna Nair was recognized as the  Industry’s Favourite Superhero by the Globus Family of Brands

MithunaThe Globus Family of brands introduced a unique concept to appreciate, and get inspired by, the heroes of the tourism industry, through it’s industry-first “The Super Heroes Campaign”. It was a fun way to interact and hear the stories and personal motivations of those who finally link their brands with the end customer. Entries were open to all, and the choice of winners completely neutral, based on open voting from the industry’s workforce. In a virtually held event, the winners were felicitated with an appreciation certificate and prize vouchers.  A key criteria to winning the Award was the care and expertise displayed in the delivery of customer delight. 

We are so proud to know that Mithuna Nair, Manager-Sales Outbound, Thomas Cook — Pune, was chosen the Industry’s Favourite Superhero. Mithuna’s submission was outstanding, showcasing her exceptional delivery and her passion that translates into creating memorable holiday experiences for her customers.

We asked Mithuna to give us her take on this accolade and to give us a few more details.

“This was a very special award for me personally as I received it when business wasn’t doing well for the Globus family of brands. It was a great honour for me. I believe they evaluated me according to some of the points mentioned below.

  • Each Client I booked for Globus, was assessed according to the care, product understanding and explanation given to the customer. I would pitch the right product, so the client was never disappointed. This way I earned repeat clients not only for Globus, but also for Thomas Cook.  Every year I have managed to do more than the previous year.
  • With Globus I was able to give them business for 2020, with an approximate value of 20-22 lakhs, despite the challenges of the COVID crisis. 
  • I have also been fortunate to  get FAM through them from 2017-2019, for being the highest seller for them Pan India, I was selected to be a part of trips to Spain ( 2019) , USA  ( 2018) ,     UK ( 2018) and Canada ( 2017). I was one of the top performers for them pan India across all travel agents, so this made me Globus’s as well as the clients’ favourite agent!”

Mithuna is also taking care of offices such as Nashik , Nagpur and  Aurangabad along with Pune as the vertical.

Mithuna has also been the top India performer for Globus for the last 5 years. That is  indeed amazing!

Many congratulations Mithuna! Keep up your amazing customer service. You have made Thomas Cook proud of you!