‘The Grand Indian Holiday Sale’ – A Mega Success!

Rajeev Kale with banner

Avinash Janjire, Vice President – Marketing, sat down with Team Pulse to share his thoughts on this unique initiative.
“We’ve been doing high decibel media campaigns like ‘Bachat Ka Baadshah’ and ‘No More Fakecation’ for the last 2 years but this year we wanted to do something much bigger to create a higher impact in a limited span of time. Past experience taught us that Indians are essentially true value-seekers and so we took the challenge of coming up with something different that would elicit a far better response from consumers across India. Earlier, where our mass media campaigns would run close to a month, we decided to crunch this one into a 10 day mega festival to garner maximum media mileage in the limited period. We also took inspiration from E-commerce where ‘Amazon’s Great Indian Sale’ and ‘Flipkart’s Big Billion Days’ have become properties that consumers look forward to. These are 3-5 day Mega-sale events created for maximum disruption in a limited period. On similar lines we created ‘The Grand Indian Holiday Sale’ – India’s biggest holiday sale property.

With a catchy phrase like ‘Ab Poora India Ghumega’ to entice our customers, the limited sale period was extremely successful, given its 10 day high-decibel campaign offering the best deals and spot discounts. An added incentive of child-free offers or unique ‘Holiday pe holiday free’ on select Domestic and International tour packages, with additional discounts of 5% on select credit cards and a further discount of 4.5% for customers to pay the entire amount upfront, proved extremely successful in generating great sales and revenue for us.

Moreover, our President and Group Head – Rajeev Kale, personally attended some of the road shows held in Mumbai. He got very creative and was happy to pose for our cameras in a turban with ‘The Grand Indian Holiday Sale’ pass in his hands while coming out of a rick. The image was very quirky and was sent to the media along with a press release. ‘The Grand Indian Holiday Sale’ garnered a lot of media attention and was covered by CNBC Awaaz, ZEE Business, Economic Times, Mint etc.

Given the success of ‘The Grand Indian Holiday Sale’ and the subsequent Weekend Mega Sale this year, we are now very keen to build this into our Annual Marketing calendar as a fixed event around the same time each year.”