The Genuine Travel Expert to South America


Following the major Summer Product Launch, the next highlight of the year  for TCI HK is the launch of the South America Travel Expert campaign in Q3.

Travelling to South America is in the dream list of many leisure travelers in HK.  TCI HK is proud to be recognized as the genuine travel expert to this exotic territory. We have been among the first to organize group tours to  South America decades ago. We have also managed to train over 50 experienced and professional escorts bringing the most travellers in HK to see and experience the very unique landscape, ancient cities, cultures and carnivals in Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and more.

The South America Travel Expert campaign was kicked off with the media FAM tour to Colombia. We brought  editors from leading newspapers, TV travel program anchors and KOL to join us. The team found the trip very fascinating, and it resulted in  a wide  range of coverage in newspapers, TV and  various social media.

To create an ambience, and enhance the experience,  specially-themed decor has also been installed at our flagship store, where participants joining our travel talks can immerse themselves in the exotic atmosphere, as they hear our seasoned escorts and special guest KOL tell their travel stories and unique experiences.
      CWB_UA2_350x200_F                    CWB_UA3_350x200_1KuoniBUS_400x200

We are very brightly visible on the street level as well with a few themed buses travelling the central business districts in HK.

As always, we are committed to exploring new exotic destinations and creating perfect moments for our customers.