The Future Starts Today: A Q & A with DAT’s COO

Desert Adventures Tourism (DAT) is moving forward beyond its 20th year in the industry. Entering its third decade of business success, what does the region’s leading DMC have in store for its partners and potential clients?

DAT COO Senthil Velan reveals more about the new adventures the company is embarking on.

Senthil Velan, COO, Desert Adventures Tourism
Senthil Velan, COO, Desert Adventures Tourism

1. How does the travel industry adapt to the world’s fast-growing technology space? How does DAT harness the limitless possibilities that today’s technology provides?

The travel industry has always been a people business and will continue to be one. Growth in technology provides a tool to streamline and automate the more mundane tasks. Seamless connectivity with customers via XML has become a basic necessity in today’s world.

We are extending this by going for seamless connectivity with our major suppliers, automating the end-to-end process from customer to supplier.

2. In a nutshell, what new developments should DAT’s industry partners watch for in the coming months and years?

 Service excellence has always been the USP of DAT and will continue to be the flag bearer of DAT’s offerings. Over the past six months, we have made significant investments in the technology space, customising offerings to enhance our customers’ experience.

We will be one of the first DMCs to offer last-minute availability for our industry partners. We also have an exciting line-up of products that will be launched in the next few months.

3. In a rapidly changing world, what would you consider as DAT’s constant, universal strength?

In addition to service excellence, DAT’s brand value reflects a DMC with a proven track record, backed by a parent company with solid financial credentials, and with a professional management team that understands the customer needs.