The Damaraland Experience— The Journey That Delights the Soul!

Have you ever just wanted to have an adventure? To just take to the road for a weekend and create memories that will last a lifetime? Yeah, me too… and that’s exactly what I did! I ended up visiting Damaraland, and my, oh my! it was the journey of a lifetime. We hit the road with no GPS in sight, got thoroughly lost, and shared plenty of laughs before finally reaching our destination, the breath-taking paradise smack dab in the middle of the mountains, Mowani Mountain Camp. Setting foot in our room and observing the stellar views of the desert and rough terrain all around was well worth it. Our evening was spent out on the patio of our room, feasting on a mouth-watering dinner and soaking up the views with no phone in sight, playing it old-school — completely disconnected from the rest of the world.

Now, seeing elephants up close and personal has always been a dream of ours and the following morning we did just that! We had a delightful early breakfast before setting off on an Elephant Drive. These animals we so majestic and beautiful! We spent about 5 not-nearly-enough-hours out there! I was blown away and fell in love with these exquisite gentle giants all over again! From there on, we spent the rest of the day unwinding beside the pool.

The following day, we had another adventure. We made our way to Vingerklip Lodge to do yet another thing on my bucket list — climbing to Heaven’s Gate. It was grueling! I’m not a very active person, unlike my boyfriend who was barely even breaking a sweat! However, after an abundance of fussing and being left behind because I couldn’t keep up, I made it! It was a very rewarding experience well worth the effort and cardio 😉!

Our trip was spectacular and truly inspired me to make a point of going on an unforgettable journey once every year!