Technology Advancement with the Fare Quotation App

Fare Quotation AppThe Business Travel Fare Quotation App has been rolled out by Sabre for Travel Counselor. Sabre Red supports a lot of apps which are integrated with the workspace. They serve different business needs and make the work of the Travel Counselor easier by creating a customized environment for optimal TC productivity and customer service.

The Fare Quote app is a helper application to send the correct format of the fare quote and supports a lot of search parameters like corporate code, account code, class of service, fare source etc. By saving time to get customized search results and direct connection to export formats, this presents a much more efficient way of quoting different fare options.

Fare Quotation app simplifies Workflow, Delivery Efficiencies & Drives more Revenue. Being extremely user friendly it will improve employee efficiency and productivity leading to reduced TAT for our customers.