Team Shared Services Centre — Now the Industry’s Trailblazers!

Team shared services centre

Congratulations to Team SSC on winning the Ïndustry Trailblazers “Award by EY & Automation Anywhere!

In order to reduce turnaround time and improve efficiencies, the SSC team has been focused on successfully implementing robotic process automation (RPA) software. As early adopters of this technology, the team’s efforts have been noticed by Automation Anywhere, a leading company in the RPA space.

Well done SSC team, and special thanks to the  IT team too, for their ongoing support to the SSC team., and offering solutions when they got stuck!

Read on for some additional details from a member of the team:

“As you are all aware, we are implementing RPA in the SSC for various processes which include Daily Par commenting, Bank recon, MTS payments, AR receipting, Credit confirmation, Refunds, Credit note generation and Etracker (refunds). This is to ensure that TATs are reduced, accuracy of the output is achieved and sustained, so that improved efficiencies for the processes, reduced dependencies on people (training gaps, attrition), and increase in volume can be managed better. Our approach to RPA is to start with  a few processes  to gauge the success of the RPA as a solution, and how it can be implemented in our environment.

Team shared services centre--2I was part of the Imagine event for the last 2 days which was organised by our RPA partner Automation Anywhere. They are currently the foremost in this area from an India inc. point of view. It was a very insightful 2 days where various organisations  talked about their RPA+AI journey depending on the stage they were at. This is split into 3 parts- Getting started, Scale up, and Hitting the full potential of the RPA+AI opportunities available. We are in the 1st phase where we have just started and our implementation is in progress.

A big Thank you to Madhavan, Mahesh, Vishal, Debasis and Amit for their continuous guidance, support , encouragement and for the vision.

 Key learnings from this event were:

  •  Mulitple successful use case studies now available for different approaches for RPA +AI implementation from Indian Inc perspective- Tata sky, Godrej consumables, Xiaomi India, ITC hotels, Unilever, Mahindra Infotech, L&T infotech, In Bev, Volkswagen, Airtel, Sterlite power. The focus for these organisations has been to deliver qualitative/quantitative benefits, as well as Employee experience to reduce their time on transactional/mundane activities to focus on the customer outcomes.
  • AA has partnered with Microsoft to make Automation available through Ms office- e.g. excel where on subscription, a bot is available in the background to automate activities which were not possible through an excel macro.
  •  Web based and cloud based subscription to set up a bot giving ease to handle, monitor and provide dashboards
  • How organisations are setting up COE’s to implement RPA across mulitple business areas