TCIL Operations— Ready and Raring to Go!


The TCIL Operations Team is full of energetic young professionals led by Gaurav Seth and Deepti Mehta – handling a wide ranging profile —  right from product planning and itinerary creation, to negotiating and contracting the best rates, to managing and executing  the entire Operations of all the Tours and Holiday Packages for our clients.

Here’s a little more about our professionalism… tinged with a touch of humour!

There are many roles that our efficient and hard working LTOB Operations staff have to play depending on the task at hand and the situation.

We have the Magicians – imaginative, innovative and creative…. they weave dream holidays, and create products for our customers.

The army of Musicians and Clowns are there to entertain our internal and external clients.

Many work like Animals and Strong-Men, carrying the loads, handling heaps of pressure to make life easier for our clients and colleagues.

Still others perform like Jugglers between various time zones across the Globe – one performs until late at the night, coordinating with The Western Cowboys/Cowgirls, and the other raises the curtains in the wee hours starting to perform along with the Land of the Rising Sun.

Our Gymnasts walk the tight rope to perfection, deftly balancing their personal and professional lives.

We mustn’t forget the lot of Acrobats and Trapeze Artists – swinging between bosses and the customers, never losing steam  and keeping everyone happy!

We must also pay tribute to the Sweeping Contractor Cadets (Swachh Thomas Cook Abhiyaan Agents) – cleaning all the dirt / clearing all the mess, once the show (Season) is over.

All these work in tandem to provide the best experience in travel that we have to offer to all those who come to us…. and to ensure they will be back for more!

Yameen. Merchant
Senior Manager
GIT Operations