TCIL Jalandhar Completes 20 years


The Jalandhar Branch of Thomas Cook has been dedicatedly serving customers for the last 20 years.  This was, indeed, a cause for celebration!

We initiated the event on the third day of  Navaratra with a pooja on the office Premises after which the team posed for some happy  group photos! We decided to reach out to our customers in  various ways to include them too in the joyous event, via newspaper insertions /  e-mails/ messages,  and  were encouraged by the  good response  and appreciation we received. We felicitated them and greeted them with gifts, much to their surprise and delight!

The branch came into existence in April 1996, and has witnessed many ‘change of seasons’,  but has always maintained high standards of service and raised the bar in the zone.

A brief History of Jalandhar: The name of the city is derived from the vernacular term ‘Jalandhar’ which means ‘area under the water’ i.e. the tract lying between the two rivers Sutlej and Beas.  Jalandhar was part of the Indus Valley Civilization and is located in the Doaba Region northwest of Punjab State which is the oldest in Punjab. The area has seen rapid urbanisation and developed into a commercial centre in recent years, and has even been nominated for the  smart city project in  the IInd list.


The city is also the hub for sports goods manufacture for international markets, and  also provides goods like glass and furniture to neighbouring cities as well.

Traditionally Thomas Cook, Jalandhar is a Wholesale Branch with 90:10 business generating from WS:RS, but recently it has been moving more  towards the retail business as  now the branch generates 50 % revenue from its  Retail business  alone.

We look forward to a positive future and many more successful years in the service of our customers!

Jitendra Singh
Wholesale Manager
Punjab, Karnal and Dehradun.