Spotmentor: Changing the Way We Do Business


Spot-MentorBetter business practices will always ensure business efficiency and performance. Keeping this in mind, Spot Mentor, a visual training initiative was recently launched by Business Travel to personalize employees growth plans and efficiency. The learning portal offers long term career advancement thereby fulfilling the organization’s strategic needs.

“Spot mentor” simplifies processes which are required in daily work,  for products such as SONIC and SABRE. The focus was on making learning easy where solutions to any operational doubts or queries are available with a click of the mouse.

Small animated instructional videos help employees understand processes on different topics like uploading the fare on Sabre, Segment Quotation, Introduction to the Fare Quote App, New Fare shopping, Emulation in Sonic, Videos on Domestic Flight/Hotel Booking, Flight amendment on Sonic, and many more. They provide walk-through trainings on several products and processes. The portal also has a unique feature ‘Doubt’ or Query, which helps employees resolve doubts related to Sabre and Sonic issues.

Spot mentor has improved Employee Efficiency enormously by providing on-the-job help in real time. With easy accessibility on Cell phones through a mobile app, this unique module specially designed keeping our work force in mind is changing the face of business at SOTC Business Travel.