Spooktacular 2016! Luxe Asia Celebrates Halloween

Halloween is one of those bizarre days that isn’t really a national holiday, but certainly feels like it to  the employees at Luxe Asia! Hats off to the HR team which often comes up with great ideas,  and organizes some awesome events. They had some spooky stuff lined up for us to celebrate Halloween.

14595613_10154211281057779_3379492504768594270_nThanks to those who organised it, the staff got into the ‘spirit’ of things (pun intended!) resulting in a lot of revelry and enthusiasm. The rapport among  the employees as they donned the costumes, competed in the contests and played the games, was a joy to watch.14883470_10154211350052779_5861793402301260748_o It is significant that such occasons break down barriers and inject more humanity into the workplace. Here we share a few images of that  fun-filled evening !