Spooking Out on Halloween Night!

IMG20171031174507Halloween is  a popular festival celebrated around the world in different ways. It is an exciting time when folks dress in eclectic costumes and join a parade, or go “trick or treat” around the neighbourhood.

  At Luxe Asia we decided to celebrate in our own way. That is by having a movie night for the staff! And it wasn’t just any movie. Since it was Halloween we thought it would be appropriate to show a horror film.  The choice was “Annabelle 2: Creation.”

On 31st October 2017, everyone gathered in the office to watch the movie. There were snacks and iced coffee to make you feel you were at the theatre!

As the night progressed, everyone got into the spooky mood and seemed to be enjoying the exploits of .Annabelle. You could even hear some of them screaming and sitting on the edge of their seats during the scary parts! Overall, it was a pleasant evening and a welcome break from regular office work!  Indeed, a “trick” that turned out to be a “treat”!