Special Guest Andrea Chooses Sita for Travel in India

Andrea’s India TravelAndrea Maria, a very famous Travel & Luxury blogger from Mexico, was in India, and we are happy to report that she chose Sita to  handle all her travel arrangements.

She is regarded as one of the top bloggers in the fashion Industry. The 27 year-old Mexican from Reynosa Tamaulipas is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Dear Milano.com a fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle website.  Dearmilano.com was launched in July 2012. It has a global reach of +169,000 followers, and it is seen in more than 170 countries worldwide. It is known to be one of the top fashion blogs in Mexico and is ranked as one of the most influential blogs for fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle in Latin America.

Andrea is based in New York City, but constantly travels the world. She loved her travel in India and was happiest with the wifi connectivity in our Sita vehicles!

Andrea’s India Travel

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